Near-Life™ CREATOR interactive video content that improves results


Interactive video made easy

Near-Life CREATOR is an easy-to-use platform that lets anyone – including educators, learning professionals and other content creators  – use their existing content to make interactive video, VR and gamified experiences. The tool makes it easy to design and share immersive experiences that are more engaging, more memorable and more impactful.

Achieve better outcomes

Turn your videos, presentations, animations and static images into interactive online content that can be enjoyed anywhere, across multiple platforms and devices, anytime.

Better understand the impact of your content with accurate data and analytics, so that you can take away the guesswork of what works best for your audience. Data-driven intelligence helps you to continuously refine your content to optimise results.

See how easy it is to create an interactive video in a few quick steps – check out our interactive Product Tour.

Get the right features at the right price

Depending on your use case, Near-Life offers affordable subscription packages that allow you to create the best content for your audience’s needs:

  • CREATOR - Our most affordable, entry level option allows video branching and design and allows you to create up to one scenario per month. Recommended for light users who are creating the occasional interactive project.
  • CREATOR+ - For more advanced users seeking to create more complex scenarios, with gamification features, allowing you to track achievements and set conditions. The CREATOR+ option also removes the limitations on the number of projects you can create. This option is a popular choice for people looking to create more content, with more advanced features.
  • CREATOR VR - For those looking to increase the immersive nature of their content and are seeking to use 180 and 360 video and images, this option is the right choice. Offering all the gamification features and flexibility of CREATOR+ but with a VR add-on that allows you to easily create and share VR projects.

Create compelling content with ease

Anyone can make good content great with Near-Life™ CREATOR. Our zero-code tool allows you to take existing content and make it better. We continuously update our tool to make it even easier for you. Here are just some of our features:

  • Interactive video, VR and gamification no-code authoring
  • Access to Near-Life Academy for supportive resources
  • SCORM, LTI and xAPI compatible learning experiences
  • Customisable options to keep your content on brand
  • Easy sharing with your LMS, website or social media channels
“The Near-Life™ approach has helped us to make our Health and Safety training more relevant and engaging.”
– Andrew Crowe, Asda


We also offer special enterprise and team accounts, as well as discounts for users in education and the not for profit sector. Find out more about the product tiers and pricing.

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