Interactive video for learning made easy

Near-Life CREATOR is an interactive video authoring tool that allows you to design and deliver, cutting-edge, immersive learning scenarios. Near-Life CREATOR puts Learning designers and content producers in control and takes the creation of scenario based learning to a new level.

The Near-Lifemission

Here at Near-Life it is our mission to help improve the way people learn – making learning more immersive, interactive and engaging. Near-Life CREATOR brings to the learner choices, providing a deeper experience that improves knowledge retention.

Using interactive video is a proven way to inspire learners with more meaningful experiences and it allows learning designers and content producers to be truly creative in developing and delivering learning.

Cloud-based delivery

Near-Life CREATOR is deployed via the cloud and it means that hosting and support are included as standard. It also means that, as the authoring tool evolves, users will automatically get access to the latest version of the system. It’s a low-cost, hassle free way to stay current and at the cutting edge of learning design and delivery.

Delivering the tools you need

By offering a range of customisable options, the Near-Life CREATOR authoring tool gives content creators the freedom and flexibility to design learning that works for them and their audience. Here are just some of the key features offered in Near-Life CREATOR:

  • Branching scenario game design - Bulid your scenarios in a clean, simple way that allows you to script and produce content to match design.
  • Customisable options - Your learning will bring choices how long will these be? Will you brand your options? How many variations will you offer? The tool gives you the flexibility to set these parameters and more...
  • Hotspots AND scripted decision points - You have the choice of setting interactions based on specific decision options, or by allowing users to click on a part of the screen, via a ‘hotspot’ that will trigger an outcome.
  • Set scoring...or not - Depending on the learning you are creating you can give weighted scoring to choices, these will be tracked and recorded by the system.
  • Provide detailed feedback - Near-Life CREATOR makes it easy to provide feedback to learners on the choices they make - helping give greater context
Designed with integration in mind

Here at Near-Life we know that the world of EdTech and elearning is constantly evolving. Near-Life CREATOR has been designed to fit neatly within the existing learning and technology landscape – allowing you to share scenarios via your LMS… or any website of your choosing. When you publish your interactive videos via the authoring tool, you can choose an embed code that is either SCORM or xAPI compatible, or simply embed and share as if it was normal video content. In addition, the authoring tool allows for LTI integration that allows the data the system captures to be tracked against your approved and authenticated users. Enterprise subscribers can also download their scenarios, ideal for situations where you need to offer offline learning.

Deeper data insights to measure impact

The best learning projects deliver measurable impact. We want to give learning providers the tools they need to help generate deeper insights. The choices within Near-Life CREATOR are all tracked, the authoring tools easy to understand dashboard provides clear information on people’s interaction with the learning scenarios you produce. How many people make a given choice, the time they take to choose, where they are accessing the learning from – the system measures and shares relevant details for learning producers. In addition, this information can be accessed at an individual level for authenticated users – allowing learning teams to really understand the impact their learning is having at an individual or organisational level.

The right package for you

We understand that people have different use cases and will want to use Near-Life CREATOR in different ways. We’ve developed easy to understand package options that provide a cost-effective means to get you up and running and making interactive videos. You can scale up or scale down as needed, it’s easy to adapt your subscription to suit your needs at any given time. And if you have a use case not covered by our current model, please get in touch. We’d love to talk and find out more about how we can help.

And there’s more…

In addition to our industry-leading authoring tool, we also offer learning and development consultancy and content production services. Perhaps you’d like to do a first project with our help and support and then create your own? Or you’d simply prefer us to handle the learning content production – our award winning team is here to help.

In addition, if you’re looking for a more complete learning and technology solution, we also offer an award winning LMS that is designed to operate seamlessly with our interactive video authoring tool and its reporting.

30-day Free Trial

Still not sure if Near-Life CREATOR is right for you? Let us convince you.

We really believe that the authoring tool can help improve the way people learn so we're offering a 30-day free trial with every subscription. Simply sign up for the subscription package you'd like and start your free trial straight away.

Account features
  • Standard
    • 1 Editor Seat
    • 2K Monthly Plays
    • 30GB Storage
    • Free Access To Near-LifeTM Academy
    • SCORM
    • 30 Day Free Trial
    • £950/year
  • Advanced
    • 5 Editor Seats
    • 10K Monthly Plays
    • 150GB Storage
    • Free Access to Near-Life Academy
    • Unlimited Reviewers
    • Advanced onboarding
    • 30 Day Free Trial
    • £3950/year
  • Enterprise
    • 10 Editor Seats
    • 20K Monthly Plays
    • 300GB Storage
    • Free Access To Near-Life Academy
    • Unlimited Reviewers
    • Advanced onboarding
    • Unlimited SCORM Downloads
    • 30 Day Free Trial
    • £7500/year

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