Sector Experience

The Near-Life™ learning approach can be customised to suit any training environment, scenario or sector. Our interactive learning scenarios are applicable to any situation where decisions need to be made.
  • Development icon
    International Development

    Our international development courses are accessed in over 30 countries worldwide providing learners...

  • Corporate Elearning

    Near-life™ enables organisations to deliver a more sustainable, affordable and accessible learning and...

  • Emergency service icon
    Elearning for emergency services

    Our Near-Life™ technology delivers authentic scenarios that mimic the situations and real-world events...

  • Healthcare icon
    Elearning for healthcare

    Our healthcare courses ensure healthcare professionals provide high quality care and can support...

  • Retail icon
    Elearning for retail

    We develop courses for retail to ensure efficient practice and training for sales,...

  • Education icon
    Elearning tool for education

    Education institutions that develop online course materials can make their learning offer more...

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