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The Business Case for Immersive Learning

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Substantially increase the impact of learning

Woman in wheelchair - VR can deepen emotional connections and create lasting impact

Prepare employees for real-life situations

Diversity Training

Reduce time away from important frontline tasks

Immersive learning: a good value investment

Immersive learning can mean different things to different people. Here at Near-Life we look at an expansive definition of immersive learning. We see it as anything that makes your learning more interactive and engaging for your learners. 

Why immersive learning works...

If you’re interested to know more about how interactive video, VR, and gamification can transform your organisation, we’ve produced a short white-paper that details some of the key reasons why it works.

The technology needed to create interactive video and VR content grows more affordable and accessible all the time. 

Thanks to software like Near-Life’s, immersive learning can be more effective and more affordable than traditional training. 

Here are some top reasons why you might want to consider it:

  • Cost effective: Scalable and affordable 
  • Time saved: Less time away from the important frontline tasks
  • Flexibility: Users can partake in learning experiences according to their own schedules, 
  • Improved retention: Immersive learning can substantially increase the impact of learning. 
  • Better feedback: More interactions means more information and more insights 

Read our full Why immersive learning works blog here. 

About Near-Life 

Near-Life is an easy-to-use platform for learning professionals, educators and other content creators who are looking for more effective, efficient and scalable e-learning. It lets you make interactive video, VR and gamified content easily with hotspots and branching scenarios, so you can share immersive experiences that are more engaging, more memorable and more impactful.

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