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A complete solution

At Near-Life we want to make content more interactive, more immersive and more engaging. Our solutions allow you to be creative to produce compelling video content for better results.

For everyone

Near-Life CREATOR and CREATOR VR allow you to create complex interactive videos with ease. Our easy-to-use authoring tool lets you make and share interactive video, VR and gamified content that improves engagement for a fraction of the price.

For learning

We’ve made it easy for you to integrate your content into an existing LMS or share it on your website. If you want a complete learning solution, try our award-winning LMS which integrates with Near-Life CREATOR and CREATOR VR.

  • Near-LifeTM CREATOR

    Take your content from static to interactive with ease for better engagement and data-driven insights.

  • Near-LifeTM CREATOR VR

    Our CREATOR VR tool offers all the powerful capabilities of Near-Life™ CREATOR but gives you the additional ability to create interactive content using 180° or 360° video.

  • Near-LifeTM LMS

    Our award-winning LMS integrates seamlessly with Near-Life™ CREATOR and CREATOR VR giving you the complete learning and technology solution.

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