The ultimate solution for immersive content

If you want to make your interactive content even more immersive Near-Life™ CREATOR VR is the right solution for you.

The CREATOR VR tool offers all the powerful authoring capabilities of Near-Life™ CREATOR but gives you the additional ability to create interactive scenarios in VR using either 180° or 360° video.

In addition, the tool makes it incredibly easy to publish and share your immersive content. Your published scenarios can be embedded in any website – or even shared on social media and because the solution works using the latest in Web VR technology, the end-user doesn’t require any additional hardware or software to access the scenario.

The Near-Life™ mission

Here at Near-Life™, it is our mission to help make your content more immersive, interactive and engaging. Near-Life™ CREATOR VR empowers content creators to produce a deeper, more immersive experience.

Near-Life solutions have a proven track record in the learning technology space but Near-Life™ CREATOR VR allows content creators from any background to provide their end-users with easy to share, cutting edge content, whether that’s marketing, research or recruitment.

Delivering the tools you need

Near-Life CREATOR VR gives content creators the freedom and flexibility to design learning that works for them and their audience. Here are some of the key features of Near-Life CREATOR VR:

  • Design and publish 360° and 180° video interactive VR Scenarios
  • Easily, share across any website, LMS or on Social Media
  • No additional hardware or software required - access directly via the web
  • Allow users to make choices with cutting edge gaze input
  • Track user interactions and easily share information through SCORM, xAPI and LTI integrations
  • Get all the existing authoring benefits of Near-Life™ 2D authoring tool
Cloud-based delivery

Like all Near-Life™ solutions, Near-Life™ CREATOR VR is deployed via the cloud and it means that hosting and support are included as standard. It also means that, as the authoring tool evolves, users will automatically get access to the latest version of the system. It’s a low-cost, hassle-free way to stay current and at the cutting edge of content design and delivery.

Integration in mind

In addition to making it easy to share and embed Web VR content, Near-Life™ CREATOR VR will track user interactions and share these via standard learning protocols such as SCORM, xAPI and LTI – allowing you to share scenarios via your LMS, or any website of your choosing, including Social Media.

The right package for you

We understand that people have different use cases and will want to use Near-Life™ CREATOR VR in different ways. We’ve developed easy to understand package options that provide a cost-effective means to get you up and running and making interactive videos. You can scale up or scale down as needed, it’s easy to adapt your subscription to suit your needs at any given time. And if you have a use case not covered by our current model, please get in touch.

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30-day Free Trial

Still not sure if Near-Life CREATOR VR is right for you? Let us convince you.

We really believe that the authoring tool can help improve the way people learn so we're offering a 30-day free trial with every subscription. Simply sign up for the subscription package you'd like and start your free trial straight away.

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