Near-LifeTM LMS

An affordable Learning Management System

For those companies, individuals and organisations who are seeking an affordable, cost-effective Learning Management System, Near-Life LMS is the answer.

Unlike many costly LMS solutions, Near-Life make it easy to authenticate and track your learners in a convenient easy to use platform that can be designed to suit your specifications and allow you to upload content directly.

Near-Life LMS also integrates seamlessly with Near-Life authoring tools whether it is for a micro-site project or a more comprehensive organisational LMS.

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Flexibility to create learning platforms

By offering a range of customisable options, the Near-Life LMS gives content creators the freedom and flexibility to design learning that works for them and their audience. Here are just some of the key features offered in Near-Life LMS:

  • Quizzes - Create multiple choice quizzes to test knowledge.
  • Ecommerce - If you are a learning or training provider that is seeking an easy way to product-ise your learning courses, Near-Life™ LMS makes it easy to sell your courses online and manage your users effectively.
  • Easy authoring - The Near-Life™ LMS doesn’t require the use of additional content authoring. You can simply upload your content directly to the cloud-based system - making it easy to edit and amend with a simple, user-friendly interface.
  • LTI compatible - Accept or output LTI content and make your courses more shareable
Our other Products
  • Near-LifeTM CREATOR

    Take your content from static to interactive with ease for better engagement and data-driven insights.

  • Near-LifeTM CREATOR VR

    Our CREATOR VR tool offers all the powerful capabilities of Near-Life™ CREATOR but gives you the additional ability to create interactive content using 180° or 360° video.

  • Near-LifeTM CREATOR+

    Beyond branching scenarios... add game-based authoring features and track node-based interactions with CREATOR+

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