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How do the streaming limits work?

The actual number of plays can vary based on the file size used and the total length of a scenario.

The plays highlighted in the pricing table are based upon an image based scenario that includes 10 decision points resulting in a total of 2mb streamed images when played. Standard interactive video scenarios will take up more streaming bandwidth, with VR file sizes being the largest. A 7-10 minute video scenario may be around 40mb, with a similar length VR one likely to be anywhere between 3 to 5x larger. However, the resolution of the videos used will dictate the file size and create variation in streaming.

Uploading video and images to the scenario is also included in the monthly streaming limit, but is only counted in the month the upload occured.

For the vast majority of use cases, the streaming limits should be more than adequate. However, should you have a specific need to increase your streaming this can be arranged. Please get in touch.

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