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Learning Content

Award winning content

Here at Near-Life™ we have an award winning content creation team that can develop bespoke learning materials for your organisation.  We’ve been at the forefront of creating immersive learning content and applying it to a digital learning environment.

The Near-Life™ approach involves a clear, structured, step-by-step process that ensures learning is realistic and relevant to you and your audience. We work closely with you to map out the learning objectives and goals, building interactive content around realistic scenarios that help learners retain knowledge.

Our branching scenarios are carefully designed to maximise the impact of the interactive video content.

Creative production

Our creative team includes award winning film makers, expert storytellers with extensive knowledge of using video for learning. They have the skills to make your learning feel authentic, relevant and engaging.

In addition, we can develop and produce supporting documentary and promotional video content that can further assist learning through a blended approach.

Our creative process

At Near-Life™ we believe that with world-class elearning content, created by award-winning producers and directors, we can design a learning experience like no other. There is a clear step-by-step process that we follow to turn a simple idea into a fully fledged elearning video production.

  • Identify Learning Objectives

    Using our Near-Life™ technology and approach, we map out the learning through collaborative discussion. We work closely with you to define the individual learning objectives and overarching training goals. We also take the time to understand your organisational culture. This process allows us to identify the key learning points that you want to learners to grasp and understand.

  • Design the learning experience

    Branching game diagrams are created, complete with decision points and outcomes which form the basis of the scenario script. We then film and edit according to the agreed script and game design. Our creative team are experts in storytelling, and highly experienced in both film and games design. Drawing on this experience gives us the skills to make your unique elearning content authentic, relevant and engaging.

  • Build Your Interactive Learning Video

    Closely matching the learning objectives identified in the first step with realistic and relevant environments allows learners to practice the best course of action in situations that may arise in the real-world BEFORE they happen. The approach provides a more game-like experience and research from MIT and others has illustrated how this type of learning can lead to significantly higher cognitive gains.

  • Provide Supporting Content

    We can also deliver supplementary resources like documentaries, questionnaires, quizzes and podcasts that increase engagement and improve knowledge retention. By producing bespoke content we further enhance learning through a blended approach and provide learners with dynamic content that truly supports their learning and reinforces knowledge.

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